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Samsung's Privacy Principles

Personal information plays a key role in elevating what we do for our community. We engage with it to inform and enhance everything from your experience to our communication, and to create and innovate radical solutions that help you overcome barriers. In this connected, digital age, accessing this information responsibly is more important than ever - clarity and integrity about its use are essential to protecting your privacy and securing your confidence and peace of mind. At Samsung, we prioritize protecting your information, and design our products and services according to our three fundamental Privacy Principles.


We tell you the personal information that we collect, how it's used, and how it's shared.


We take data security very seriously. Our products are designed to keep your data private and secure, while always pushing forward to offer you the latest, most groundbreaking innovation.


As a consumer, you have choices about how your information is collected, accessed and shared. We provide you with the means to make these choices.

Your rights and protections

US Privacy Policy
Our customers have personal information with Samsung. Learn how we are committed to handling this information.


California Residents: click here to view our California Privacy statement.

US Privacy Rights
Our consumers have control over information they choose to share with Samsung.